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No More Bullying Book for School Teachers | 3 Clock Hours

Anti-bullying Teacher Resources

Bullying has become an epidemic in elementary schools with the onus falling on teachers and educators. It’s vital that these interactions be handled in a way that provides all parties with a sense of understanding and inclusion. Dealing with a bully gives you and your students the chance to talk about why it’s wrong and what they can do when it happens to them. Teaching students how to handle confrontational situations in a positive light can go a long way towards ending the bullying all together. Bullies must learn their actions are not acceptable without their self-worth being sacrificed. While there is no single answer for how to stop bullying in schools, our anti-bullying teacher resources have proven effective through years of research and study.

If you are a teacher dealing with bullies in the classroom, you know how disruptive it can be. Bullying is harmful for everyone involved and the sooner it can be stopped the sooner your students can be back to work! Check out our resources for how to stop a classroom bully including options for earning clock hours while you learn valuable, proven techniques.