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Teacher Boutique has the best selection of books.

We have an impressive selection of books that your students will love to read, watch a DVD (provided), and act out the story/song.

We have books for teachers dealing with difficult children. Many disciplinary issues begin to arise in preschool and elementary school-aged children. It is essential to quickly and positively address the behavior, or it could easily start to spiral out of control. That’s why we carry books for teaching preschool and grade school that cover a wide range of disciplinary issues with fun, creative ways of dealing with them. While these are educational, they’re also fun books for preschool teachers to reference when dealing with specific behavioral issues. These books will help teachers teach their students how to communicate their ideas and feelings best to avoid outbursts and frustration.

These preschool books for teachers include positive methods teachers can use to help their students process their feelings while reducing disciplinary interruptions over time. Shop around to find the right books for your classroom or give us a call at 1-800-23-CHILD to speak with our team of trained professionals able to help you find everything you need.