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Veggie Pops: Grow Your Own Cherry Tomatoes Veggie Pops: Grow Your Own Cucumbers Veggie Pots Veggie Starter Kit: Grow Your Own Cucumbers
VEGGIE POPS - Cucumber
Our Price: $4.99
VEGGIE POTS - Cucumber
Our Price: $12.95

Grow Classroom Plants & Veggies

Growing classroom plants is a great way to teach children about the value of food and the life cycle of plants. Whether you’re teaching them about the oxygen they provide, the food plants produce, or the patience and appreciation it takes to see a plant go from seed to harvest, the experiences will provide invaluable life lessons applicable to many other avenues in their lives. When you grow classroom veggies, students will become enthralled with the plant’s development which provides opportunities to discuss a wide range of subjects from math to science. Our selection of classroom plants provide simple ways for kids to grow food right before their eyes and teachers an opportunity to watch their students’ minds grow right along with the cucumbers and tomatoes!

Buy our fun Veggie Pops and Veggie Pots now to start growing plants in the classroom or at home. Enjoy our competitive prices with fast shipping on all orders or give us a call at 1-800-23-CHILD to speak with our team of trained professionals waiting to help you find everything you need.