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The Management Bundle is packed with 8 informative books about managing a quality child care center. Information about how to host school-wide parent information meetings, time management, stress management, staff management, how to build a team, how to deal with parent concerns and issues, how to detect, prevent, and report child abuse. Many states recognize and approve these books for self-study clock hours.

Bundle includes:
87 Best Time Management Tools- This uniquely comprehensive 70-page manual is a clear, easy-to-read handbook that covers everything from planning your day, helping you to balance your family and work, avoiding interruptions, and much more! It's tough to find ways to balance your time.
How to Handle the Hard to Handle Child- An excellent handbook packed with 120 pages of strategies. There are strategies for children with ADHD, children who are angry and defiant, students who have Bipolar Disorder, children with Autism, and disruptive children. (Geared for 2-7-year-old children). Topics Included are: How to Handle Blurting Out and Disruptions, How to Handle Angry Children, Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar and Autism, The Single Best Response to "Why Me" and "That's Not Fair"
The Path to Power- Unlock the keys to successful management for child care. You have a lot of responsibilities. It's up to you to know and follow the state and local regulations, set goals for your team and your business, manage staff and build a strong team, payroll, safety, scheduling professional growth, the mounds of paperwork and email, enrollment, the curriculum, the building, and maintenance. In this 64-page workbook, you will learn to think powerfully, manage time effectively, eliminate time wasters, improve communication with staff and parents, achieve goals, and schedule a workday with ease.
The Keys to Managing Stress in Your Work and Life- Stress is a common problem in today’s world. We all need special tools to help us relax, even on those stress-packed days. This 71-page workbook is full of ideas to manage a stressful workday with ease. Learn specific ways to relax and de-stress, no matter what is happening in your world.
The Practical Guide to Quality Child Care- This uniquely comprehensive manual is a clear, easy-to-read handbook that provides specific guidelines for virtually every aspect of early childhood administration. The 173-page book offers sample criteria, procedures for program development, management techniques, sample newsletters, public relations, personnel policies and procedures, schedules, applications, and evaluation forms. It is an invaluable tool for every child care facility manager to help you determine your areas of strength and areas in which you have room to grow.
How to Handle Hard to Handle Parents- Discover Strategies for Positive Partnering with All Parents-Especially the Difficult ones! This book is a must-have resource that helps educators work effectively with parents, even the most difficult ones, and deter problems before they happen. Develop specific skills for communicating with parents who are angry, overprotective, or overbearing. The book has 114 pages with sample forms, letters, scenarios, and vignettes, plus techniques for involving families whose first language is not English. Indispensable for school leaders and staff, this will become a much-referenced resource for building cooperative parent-teacher relationships that positively impact students' academic success.
All-Star Parenting is a how-to book written as a workshop for parents. Parents who have taken the training all rave! Use this 99-page workbook to gather ideas for yourself or to lead parent workshops at your school. a few of the topics include specific communication skills, conflict resolution methods, time management, fostering independence versus dependence in children, and more. (Geared for parents of infants through teens)
How to Detect and Prevent Child Abuse- As a teacher, you are shaping the future every day. Learning about child abuse is very relevant to the work you do. Every two seconds, a child suffers from abuse. Much of that abuse is not intentional. Abuse is not well thought out or planned, but there may be scars for life. In this 67-page workbook, you will learn topics that include: The Reasons Child Abuse is Increasing, The Effects of Child Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Child Overindulgence, Physical Abuse, Child Neglect, and Child Sexual Abuse.
How to Build a Powerful Team- You will learn all the must-knows for team building, collaboration, how to motivate and energize your team, how to handle difficult people and tools for overcoming conflict in this motivating book.

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