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Do it Right! 101 Solutions for Stopping Discipline Dilemmas Self Color Changing Egg: Silent Self-regulating Tool for Kids How to Handle Hard to Handle Parents | Positive Partnering
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How to Handle the Hard to Handle Student | K – 5th Grade How to Talk so Kids Will Listen | Getting Kids to Hear You Neh Doh Stress Ball | The Groovey Glob
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Neh Doh Stress Ball | The Groovey Glob Teacher Resources: No More Battles with Strong-willed Kids No More Tattling: Early Childhood Resources | 3 Clock Hours
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Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Children

Every teacher comes across difficult students. These situations are opportunities for teaching students how to properly process their feelings so their behavior is more in line with what is acceptable in the classroom. These hard to handle students need tactics focused on positive discipline to ensure their feelings are understood while their behavior is remedied. We have a selection of proven resources for disciplining young kids that will help you teach them the problem-solving skills they need to control their emotions and behavior. Our selection includes resources for communicating with students and their parents who may be angry or overbearing and unwilling to accept your advice or assessment of their children. The more quickly parents and teachers can come together, the more quickly students can get back on track and begin to show improvement.

Our strategies for dealing with difficult children in the classroom provide teachers with everything they need to keep disciplinary issues to a minimum. These are solutions-based methods proven effective through years of research and application. Shop now to choose the books you need and enjoy our fast shipping.